What is Skirting on Wall ?

Decorating home interiors is not a new charm. People of all ages and times have been using different ways to beautify their homes. But this trend has reached new heights of elegance and magnificence in this era. One such practice which enhances the appeal of your walls and overall space is skirting. 


Skirting comprises the use of boards or tiles to cover up the transition line between the floor and the wall. It is generally used to add more striking features to home interiors. But in addition, it offers many functional gains as well. It covers uneven edges, hides unwanted features, protects against moisture, abrasion, and wear and tear. Moreover, imagine pairing black skirting white boards; definitely, it will impart a classic touch to your interiors. 


Whenever it comes to house fittings options, skirting is one of the most important considerations in styling your place. In the early days, skirting boards were named mopping boards because they use to prevent water from reaching out walls while mopping the floor. Now they serve the same purpose with extended and versatile capacity. 





Skirting Ideas to give a Finishing Look to your Home Interior 

Here we have enlisted some wall skirting ideas for your home and workspace. Some of these styles might work for your space. 


1 . Integrate your Wall Skirting with your Interiors Designing

Sticking skirting board to a wall should not be considered as the mere practical approach to protecting your untidy joining areas between wall and floor. You can bring some creativity home by infusing grey walls, black skirting, and more. Create a real style statement with bold colour contrast between skirting boards and wall colours. You can try a softer tone for boards with the sharp wall colour, and vice versa. This multi-colour look will give a complete finish to your design scheme. 


2 . Keep Things Subtle for an Elegant Look

If you are aspiring for a modern space with a soft and subtle look, pick a skirting board that does not stand out for its bolder look. A light colour with a muffling effect will impart sufficient ambiance to your place. Typically, modern homes have shorter ceiling heights and hence you have to create a stretching effect with skirting boards. Use a shorter unfussy board as it will give a visually raising effect to your room ceiling. 


3 . Walls are made of Tiles? Use the same tiles for Skirting Too. 

Walls made with tiles work very well with tile skirting. You can try out the black skirting boards grey walls combo if you want, as there are plenty of options to join. You can keep the same size tiles for boards as that on the wall. But a larger board size will create a more finished look. More precisely, you can try tiles specifically designed for skirting jobs. 

4 . Create a unified look with similar Walls and Skirting Colour 

Try out a pleasingly bigger feel for your small room by painting skirting boards with the same colour as the walls. Black skirting boards white walls may create a classic look, but the same colour will impart a unified and cohesive look. Hence, this is the best option to bring a bigger feel to your small cozy room. 



Purpose of Skirting

Here are listed some of the numerous purposes for which skirting is installed. 


  1. Cover up the transition between wall and floor: Some flops during construction and later may result in unwanted and rough gaps between the walls and floor. Due to their grave look, these gaps may spoil your entire interior’s charm. Installing skirting all along this transition line is the best way to overcome this problem. 


  1. Highlight Interior: Simple skirting with graceful colours help you get a neat and classy look. Meanwhile, matching the colour of the skirting with that of the walls or giving it a bold colour contrast may present a more finished and classic look. If properly installed with stunning colour combinations, Skirting may impart a professional to your living room. 


  1. Cover up Exposed Electric Wiring Cables: Exposed wires in your room or office may tarnish your place’s overall appearance. Though ceiling boards are aptly used to conceal them, they are quite an expensive solution to opt for. In comparison, skirting walls are a more economical and stylish way to cover up exposed electric wires. Meanwhile, attaching a skirting board to the wall is not a big deal. You can do it yourself at home if you have some necessary tools. 

Types of Skirting 

Skirting boards vary with the type of design and material used. Some of the most popular skirting types are; 


1 . Pencil Skirting: 

Pencil skirting is the best option for making your plain walls more striking. This design is highly recommended to create a clear finish and uniform texture to your home interior. 


2 . Double-Layered Skirting: 

Double-layered skirting involves two layers with distinct colours. You can use this type to give a bold or soft color contrast to your wall borders, bringing skirting to a whole new level. 


3 . Contemporary Skirting: 

Contemporary skirting boards can be manufactured from the material of your choice. Their size is generally smaller than other trendy, classic styles. Any type of material can be used to style this option. You can try standard MDF or more recommended moisture-resistant MDF. 


4 . Metal Skirting: 

Metal skirting is done with stainless steel material. This type imparts a rich and modern look to your space, but it comes with one disadvantage. This glossy steel is highly vulnerable to scratches. But its durable and long-lasting feature makes it acceptable to everyone. 


5 . Wooden Skirting: 

Create a sophisticated and rich appearance in your home interior with classic wooden skirting. Wooden boards can be the best choice if you want a traditional look for your home with marble or tiles floor.  Even in wooden texture, you have plenty of designs and colours with varying finishes and dimensions. 


6 . Continued Skirting: 

Continued skirting provides a continuation of styling along all the elements in your interiors. Any colour you pick for the wall skirting border continues to the stairs and other areas, giving a wholesome look. 

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