Orac Decor approved installer course

We are offering a great opportunity for business-minded individuals who would like to work for themselves installing Orac Decor products. Once you have completed and passed the day’s training you will receive an Orac Decor Certified Installer certificate and will be on Orac Decor’s system of approved installers.

You will also be added to Coving.Online’s data base of approved installers and you will receive a trade login for this website where you will be able to purchase products at a discounted rate.

The new workshop can accommodate up to 30 students! Every participant can count on personal coaching from an experienced instructor.

The training courses are varied: from basic training (sawing inside and outside corners and using the correct glue) to a specialised course (lighting and use of unique ORAC flex mouldings).

On the day:
Learn how to install our products easily and flawlessly.

In just a single day you will be introduced to Orac Decor’s products and you learn all our tips and tricks for efficient installation, even in complex circumstances.

The following topics are included:

  • work planning and preparation
  • surface preparation for proper mounting
  • installation of complex inside and outside corners of various sizes
  • useful installation techniques
  • time-saving tips and tricks
  • tool use
  • optimising seams
  • avoiding installation errors

All participants receive:

  • an Orac Decor approved installer certificate
  • a luxurious photo book (large size)
  • catalogs and brochures