Our premium ceiling coving london line includes the Decorative Coving Style.

This modern coving london has a traditional design but still has a fashionable feel to it. This is a high-quality alternative that will add some luxury to your home because it uses high density polyurethane and contemporary materials. In addition to traditional victorian cornices in our classical line, we now offer polystyrene ceiling covings as part of our luxury modern coving collection. For both large and tiny cornice coving and small, in a variety of styles, we provide the most affordable coving costs. Purchase cornice coving and other items online.


C&M127 2M Cornice / Coving Moulding

Elite decor C701 ( L 200x H 7.9x W 5.2 cm)

Elite decor c702 (L 200x h 14.2x w 11.2cm)

Elite decor c804 ( L 200x h 14.2x w 11.2 cm)

Elite decor p806 ( L 200x h 13x w 10.4cm)

Elite decor p811 ( L 200x h 14x w 13.7 cm)

Elite decor p813 ( L 200x h 8x w 8cm)

Elite decor p818 ( L 200x h 11.5x w 8.5 cm)

Elite decor p821 ( L 200x h 7x w 5cm)

Elite decor p823 ( L 200x h 10x w 10cm)

Elite decor p825 ( L 200x h 23x w 11cm)

Elite decor p828 ( L 200x h 8.7x w 8.7 cm)

Elite decor p833 ( L 200x h 15.5x w 10.2cm)

Elite decor p835 ( L 200x h 8.7x w 7.9cm)

Elite decor p856 ( L 200x h 10x w 6.8cm)

Elite decor p857 ( L 200x h 8.3x w 5 cm)

Elite decor p886 (L 200x h 19x w 5 cm)

Elite decor p887 ( L 200x h 8x w 8 cm)

Elite decor p919 ( L 200x h 13.5x w 20cm)

Elite decor p933 ( L 200x h 12x w 15.4 cm)

Elite decor p937 ( L 200x h 12.7x w 12.2cm )

Elite decor p950 ( L 200x h 12.3x w 11 cm)

Orac c200 ( L 200x h 6.5x w 5.7cm)

Orac c201 ( L 200x h 11.6x w 4.8cm)

Orac c211 ( L 200x h 11.6x w 11.2cm)

Orac c211 flex ( L 200x h 11.6x w 11.2cm)

Orac c212 ( L 200x h 7.5x w 4.5cm)

Orac c213 ( L 200x H 8x w 8 cm)

Orac c215 ( L 200x h 4.7x w 4 7cm)

Orac c215 flex ( L 200x h 4.7x w 4.7cm)

Orac c216 ( L 200x h 11.6x w 13.3cm)

Orac c217 ( L 200x h 10.3x w 15.6cm)

Orac c217 flex ( L 200x h 10.3x w 15.6cm)

Orac c219 ( L 200x h 17.6x w 13cm)

Orac c220 ( L 20px h 7.6x w 11.6cm)

Orac c220 flex ( L 200x h 7.6x w 11.6cm)

Orac c230 (L 200x h 2.9x w 2.9cm)

Orac c230 flex ( L 200x h 2.9x w 2.9cm)

And much more


We offer coving london, Cornice, Ceiling Roses, and Panel Mouldings for sale and installation. In actuality, everything you need to give your house a little bit of flare. The majority of the UK is covered by our installation service, and we’re also glad to install coving that you’ve bought elsewhere.

We are pleased to report that we are among the few businesses in the UK who can provide and install Orac Decor, one of the most rare collections of ornaments made of high-quality polyurethane.

For the following reasons, we believe polyurethane coving and cornice goods are superior to plaster coving and cornice products.

  • Since it weighs less than plaster coving, installation is simpler and no nails are required.
  • You will produce less waste because it won’t shatter or split like plaster coving.
  • Orac coving flexes, in contrast to plaster coving, allowing you to adjust the coving over uneven surfaces.
  • Pre-undercoated Orac coving saves you time and money.

coving london can be joined together in lengths, and once painted, the joints hardly ever need to be filled. Orac Decor offers a variety of coving, cornice, ceiling roses, dado rails, and mouldings that are suitable for all applications, whether they are modern, contemporary, or traditional.

Call 07782 269731 if you’re interested in receiving a quote from us.

Since all quotes are given over the phone or via email, we don’t need to visit the property. Please make sure you have the area dimensions ready when you call because that is all we will need to know. In comparison to employing like for like in plaster mouldings or coving, the overall cost is typically lower.

We anticipate hearing from you.