Orac W103 Cubi


Orac Decor W103 Cubi Decorative Elements


W103 – Cubi

33.3 x 33.3 x 2.5 cm

Cubi introduces new possibilities (ref. W103). Bare walls come to life, the ordinary is transformed into something audacious. Compose, combine and design your unique space to suit your own style and personality.

Width:2.5 cm
Height:33.3 cm
Length:33.3 cm

The correct use of Adhesives and Joiners is very important! Please watch our installation videos for training.

When installing this product we recommend using Orac Decor FDP700 adhesive for the perfect fix. Specially formulated for new builds or on recently plastered walls, for outdoor applications and non-porous surfaces.

When joining this product we recommend using Orac Decor FX200 joiner for joining lengths together for the perfect finish. For seam joints between the mouldings. Push the profiles strongly to each other and remove excess of FX200 preferably before hardening (wait at least two hours) with acetone or Synth Thinner. The joiner can be painted after 24 hrs.

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Orac Decor

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