Our Terms

Terms and Conditions

Supply of product.

All product must be paid for prior to shipment. You are responsible for the calculation of required product including wastage. Once paid your order will be shipped via courier or delivered by our installer on the start day of the installation.


A deposit maybe required at least 2 days before the installation is due to commence.

The installer will arrive onsite with his standard tools. If extra high ladders, towers or scaffolding is required this will need to be arranged by you ready for the installation to start on the agreed day. Failure to do so will delay the installation and you will incur further costs if the delay is more than 2 hours.

If you need to change or cancel the agreed installation date this must be done at least 7 days in advance but please note that if hotels and/or travel have been booked for your installation that can not be canceled you are liable for the hotel and/or the travel charge and will be required to be paid in full by you.


All snagging is to be checked once all work has been completed and before the installer leaves the site. If, in the unlikely event, problems occur within 7 days you are required to send photos within this time of each issue. If we can see it is a problem with the product or the installation we will come back to site and put the issues right. But please note that it is very unlikely that problems are with the product or installation. Normally it is due to shrinkage of plaster or paint. If small cracks appear simply apply caulk to these areas.

In new builds there is a lot of shrinkage. Please allow plaster to dry fully before we arrive to install any product.