Orac C338B


L 200 x H 18.2 x W 18.2 cm



C338B Cornice mouldings

200 x 18.4 x 18.4 cm

Decorative elegance, graceful arabesques. Ornamented alternative to the big C338 coving, with integrated baroque motive to fit into corners. This model can be used for the corners on the ceiling of grand spaces in combination with the coving C338 and C338A or panel mouldings P3020 and P3020A to create truly beautiful decors.

A decorative design, inspired by classical master pieces, adorned with fine details, that can bring back the character of a renovated house or contrasts with modern elements to enrich any setting.

Width:18.4 cm
Height:18.4 cm
Length:200 cm

The correct use of Adhesives and Joiners is very important! Please watch our installation videos for training.

When installing this product we recommend using Orac Decor FDP700 adhesive for the perfect fix. Specially formulated for new builds or on recently plastered walls, for outdoor applications and non-porous surfaces.

When joining this product we recommend using Orac Decor FX200 joiner for joining lengths together for the perfect finish. For seam joints between the mouldings. Push the profiles strongly to each other and remove excess of FX200 preferably before hardening (wait at least two hours) with acetone or Synth Thinner. The joiner can be painted after 24 hrs.

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